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Could it be, All About Golf

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On September 14th, Mitch Stump presented, "Could it be, All About Golf?" The presentation looked at the Private Club and Golf industry from a Member's perspective. If the bag drop is your best member's front door to the club, why aren't clubs taking better care of that area? Why do $25,000 initiation fees get me a $3 bag tag? Are members upset about their Food & Beverage Minimums? Why not raise dues a few dollars, and give each member one or two 'free' meals each month?

These, and many more of Mitch's outside-the-box ideas are available for viewing by clicking here:



The 7 Essential Things You Need to Know about Social Media

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On August 17th, Richard Brasser, President and CEO of The Targeted Group presented "The 7 Essential Things You Need to Know about Social Media."  Considered an expert in social media, Brasser discussed the difference between digital media and social media, as well what forms of social media are appropriate in a Club setting, and how to handle negative feedback.  Several participants added to the presentation with some great questions at the end, including, "the average age of my members is 65 years old - are they really going to use social media?

Click here to view the presentation, and hear Richard's response.


Walking in Her Shoes: Winning Women as Members.

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On Wednesday, July 20, 2011, Kathy O'Neal, Senior VP of Membership at ClubCorp presented "Walking in Her Shoes: Winning Women as Members." The presentation outlined why women are so important as prospective members, and how accommodating women actually increases satisfaction among male members as well. Strategies were discussed to make your clubhouse and golf course(s) more "female friendly," and generate greater interest in social events focusing on women and families.

To view a recording of the full presentation, Click here to view the recording.

To read the USA Today article mentioned in the presentation please click here.



belongDESIGN Completes Website Re-Design for The Territory

We used to tell clubs that their website was how the next generation of Club Prospects were going to find them. In reality, the "next generation" is here today. More and more, prospects are doing their homework online before contacting a club regarding membership, or taking their friends' membership referrals too seriously. Maybe your prospect has been to your club before, and maybe they haven't, but in either case, your website creates an impression. It may not be the first impression, but it's an impression that your prospects (and members, for that matter) can revisit at any time.

Summer Time Blues (and Reds & Whites)

Now that the 4th of July has come and gone, we're unofficially past the half-way point of summer. In Northern climates; especially after a very wet spring, this is peak season for golf. Down South, I've talked with clubs as recently as yesterday who "hadn't seen a member all day!" But there are certainly worse problems to have than too much sunshine.

Membership Retention & Recruitment

Steve Graves, President of Creative Golf Marketing presented "Membership Retention & Recruitment - Let's Increase Revenue and Quit Cutting Costs!" The presentation outlined the history of the Private Club and Golf industries, and addressed how the industry has gotten to where we sit today. By recognizing what's brought us to this point, Steve elaborates on steps to reverse that process, and highlights multiple places where the Private Club and Golf industries really should have been doing things differently and more efficiently to begin with.

To view a recording of the full presentation, Click here to view the recording.  

Harnessing Return on Environment - Increasing Revenue with Smart Design

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Kate Brennan from Mary Cook & Associates illustrated several case studies where renovation and smart design lead to increased revenue and member use of clubhouse, locker room, and dining facilities. In conjunction withe the design topic, belongDESIGN highlighted how consistency in your website, email, and print marketing follow the same principles as clubhouse and golf course design.

To view a recording of the full presentation, Click here to view the recording.  

Membership Campaigns - From Print to Profit

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Due to a presenter conflict, "Harnessing Return on Environment" was rescheduled for June 1, 2011. Details are available here.

In its originally scheduled time-slot, Chris Radak from belongSUITE and Heidi Voss from Bauer Voss Consulting (and past webinar presenter) collaborated on "Membership Campaigns: From Print, to Profit," and discussed the need for cohesive marketing, from your printed materials, to your email blasts, and carried through your web site. Other topics discusses were clubs' use of Facebook and Twitter, and what your members may or may not want and expect from such resources. Special thanks goes out to The Territory (new website currently under construction) in Duncan, OK for allowing us to use some of their print, email, and web materials in our examples!

To view a recording of the full presentation, Click here to view the recording.



Technology 2012... And Beyond

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The article below was originally published in the May/June 2011 Edition

Membership Marketing - It's All About Practice

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On Wednesday, April 20th, Beth Meister, President of Club Marketing & Communications presented "Membership Marketing - It's All About Practice." Beth's presentation outlined the process of identifying potential members by learning more about your current members, and showed participants how to calculate each member's financial value to the club. From there, Beth discussed identifying the most valuable members, and the cycle of converting and maintaining those prospects to build your club's revenue stream. Other points of discussion were marketing, referrals, advertising, and closing techniques.

To view a recording of the full presentation, Click here to view the recording.